Survey Monster is so simple and intuitive you will be up and running in minutes

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Getting started with Survey Monster is just 3 simple steps

Choose a Template or Start From Scratch and Build Your Drag-n-Drop Survey

Survey Monster comes with a bunch of popular survey templates included like Business Demographics, Employee or Customer Satisfaction, Lead Qualification, Self-Assessments and more.

You can use or customize any of the templates, or start from scratch and create your own.  Either way you're up and running in minutes.

Publish Your Survey in Seconds On Any Computer or Mobile Device

Publish your survey by direct link, embedding on a webpage, adding to any page as a popup lightbox, or even with a custom, editable webform.

You have a bunch of choices how to publish your survey, and no matter how you do it you can be ready to start getting responses in just seconds.

Collect and Analyze Responses With Visual Charts and Smart Reports

Viewing and understanding your survey results is a snap with Survey Monster.  You can see how many responses, when they came in, and use simple charts and graphs...

or you can drill down in detail to see full responses and analyze them in any way you like.  Survey Monster captures everything you need to know to understand your audience and make smart decisions.