A large group of employee surveys deal with employee job satisfaction levels. These surveys measure the degree of satisfaction that individuals obtain from the various roles they play in an organization; primarily, (a) satisfaction with doing the actual content of the work, (b) satisfaction with being in the work group, (c) satisfaction with working in the company, and (d) satisfaction with pay and job status.
As a working approach for this study it was assumed that employee satisfaction could be inferred from the individual’s attitude toward his or her work. This approach dictated the methodology of attitude scaling. The following requirements were formulated as desirable attributes of an attitude scale designed to provide a useful index of job satisfaction:

  • It should give an index of “overall” job satisfaction rather than specific aspects of job satisfaction
  • It should be applicable to a wide variety of jobs
  • It should be sensitive to variations in attitude
  • It should contain items of such as a nature (interesting, realistic, and varied) that the scale would evoke cooperation from both management and employees
  • It should yield a reliable index
  • It should yield a valid index
  • It should be brief and easily scored

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