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SurveyMonster is intuitive Free survey software. Quickly send free surveys, polls, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research. Get access to survey questions, pre-built themes and professional survey templates.

“SurveyMonster got us up and running in few minutes.” Doug Richards – Oriental Rugs.
“Drag & drop interface is amazing.” Bouchra Ben – MagicalPad.
“Very Clean and powerful interface” Mary Joe – Life Mills. 

WYSIWYG survey editor to create free surveys in minutes

Deploy Surveys to multiple devices OS and browsers

Analyze responses, stats apply filters, and export data

Intuitive Beautiful Survey Platform



Survey Software solution of choice

SurveyMonster™ is an intuitive and powerful free survey software that simplifies and enhances the entire surveying and feedback process.
Customers use our survey software for different projects such as customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, as well as many customer employee satisfaction survey studies. SurveyMonster™ Survey Software is an integrated Enterprise Feedback Management Solution. Learn more ›

How to improve survey results

It has been proven that SurveyMonster™ survey software improves survey project results and increases ROI.
Whether your are doing Customer Surveys or working on getting your Employee Surveys or even choosing your own Market Research Software to conduct your marketing surveys, we guarantee you great results; this is why we offer a total satisfaction guarantee with all our survey software solutions. Also you can create a free account.

Imagine the possibilities…

A recent Gartner report states that “enterprises with loyal customers generate profits up to 60% higher than those of competitors”. The same way studies show that enterprises with satisfied employees are more likely to innovate and succeed than their competitors. See how SurveyMonster™ Survey Software helps you improve your satisfaction levels when you implement Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys with SurveyMonster™ survey tool.

Survey Design & Form Creation


SurveyMonster offers an intuitive drag and drop survey designer and form creator. You can easily start from 100s of templates and customize them or create your own surveys and forms with a simple drag and drop from many field types. Drag drop items on the designer to change questions and fields order and much more. What you see is what you get survey creation WYSIWYG design. Great designer features that include:

  • 23 field types
  • Conditional logic
  • Multiple file upload
  • Drag’n’drop files into the form
  • Undo/redo in form builder
  • Draggable checkbox, select,
  • Multiple select choices in form builder
  • Multi-page forms
  • Unlimited fields
  • Give your forms unique fashion using theme gallery
  • Custom confirmation messages
  • Custom email notifications!
  • Redirection to any web page after form submission
  • Tooltips available for all fields
  • Define data type for fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Customize forms with predefined lists
  • Ability to submit a form and come back later to finish where you left off
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Security. Security. Security


SurveyMonster is hosted in one of the prime data centers with enterprise level security. You have multiple controls over security and audit of your account. These features include:

  • Enterprise level security
  • Use SSL when logging in to your survey admin or create SSL secure surveys and forms
  • Require only SSL content

Multi-User Platform

SurveyMonster is built with enterprise needs in mind. All paid accounts come with multi-users enabled, so that admins can create and invite users and manage their permissions. These features include:

  • Multiple users
  • User level security roles and permissions
  • Invite users
  • Track users activity
  • Run user activity reports
  • Set different permissions for different users for all surveys or per survey

Branding, Themes & Customization


Branding is top of mind for SurveyMonster. Select from tens of professionally done themes to customize, or start from scratch. Customize any part of your survey or form with include:

  • Upload your own logo
  • Custom background image
  • WYSIWYG theme selectors, just click on a survey item to change it’s properties
  • Clone existing themes
  • Create reusable headers and footers
  • Customize navigation buttons
  • Show and hide progress elements
  • Much more…

Notifications & Triggers


Stay on top of your survey and form submissions. SurveyMonster sends you notification of survey submissions, for every submission or based on a set of criteria. Triggers are a great way to stay on top of your feedback and interact with your audience. For example you can set it up to get notification if a respondent answered yes to a “would you like to be contacted?” question. These features include:

  • Multiple notifications
  • Add multiple criteria to trigger a notification
  • Send to multiple emails
  • Pipe field names and values to your notification emails
  • Redirect to custom URL
  • Show a custom thank you page


You can send customizable newsletters to respondents of your surveys or users who filled out your form.

You can customize the look and feel of your newsletter and pipe answers submitted by these users. This is great if you are using SurveyMonster as a form builder for your website.

You can also send custom emails with piped data from your submissions to users upon completion or redirect them to a custom thank you page.

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Market Research & Advanced Features


Intuitive doesn’t mean weak. SurveyMonster packs serious flexibility to enable your market research projects. Whether you want to open a survey for a specific time window, or collect only x number of surveys, or limit submissions for a specific IP address, you will find the feature you need to succeed in your survey or market research project. these features include:

  • Allow “Finish later” function
  • Store uncomplete submissions
  • Limit the number of submissions from the same IP address
  • Limit the number of submissions
  • Multiple pages
  • Protect Form with Password
  • Use SSL Encryption (advanced account only)
  • Set Period of Time of Form Activation
  • Use custom form id

Logic and Branching


Branch out to different page or skip to a different item based on one or multiple answer values. You can also hide or show items based on logic using AJAX. On the same page and no need to create different page breaks for that. No page reloads. These features include:

  • Dynamically show or hide survey or form items using AJAX, no page loads or necessary pages
  • Multiple pages with logic to branch or jump to a page or item
  • Multiple logic conditions
  • Multiple rules
  • Set value of items based on other items or based on complex logic
  • smart conditions like less or more than, etc.
  • Clear question labels when working with logic or filters
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Submissions & Reports


SurveyMonster offers a great built-in flexibility in managing submissions, which includes viewing, sorting, filtering, editing and exporting. Admins can easily zoom in the right information within survey responses or form submissions with no effort. These features include:

  • Sorting of submission entries
  • Filtering of submissions with intuitive multi-filter builder. This includes question labels such as age, gender etc. Or any field name set on design time
  • Column selector to show only columns / fields you care for
  • Paginating through submissions in a very intuitive UI
  • Editing of entries to curate the data if needed
  • Submitter IP address, Country OS and Browser version are also shown
  • Export full data set
  • Export filtered data set
  • and much more…

Reports & Stats


Access Visitor stats for survey or form views versus forms completion or survey completion. Access submissions daily chart and view submission answers distribution. these features include:

  • Pie chart of conversion rate, views vs. submissions/completions
  • daily line chart of submissions
  • Custom date range report
  • Submissions report shows frequency distribution of responses


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